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Casa Santa Isabel

A home for the most vulnerable

In Guatemala from January to October 2022, 57,163 births have been registered as a result of pregnancies in adolescents; For this reason, Casa Santa Isabel intends to be a light in the face of the social situation that young people face today.

In 2018 María Attard, originally from the island of Gozo, Malta, arrived in Guatemala on a missionary trip, encountering a difficult reality due to poverty, lack of basic needs, lack of education, among others, in addition many of the pregnancies are Consequences of sexual abuse, for this reason, together with Father Anton Grech and the help of people who joined to become a reality this project, on February 14, 2020 Casa Santa Isabel was inaugurated; It is part of the Guatemalta non -governmental organization, legally established in Guatemala; whose main mission is to provide with love and dedication, comprehensive care for girls and adolescents in pregnancy and mothers from 11 to 17 years old with children; Boys and girls from 0 to 5 years old, providing them with tools that allow them to improve their quality of life. Thus, contributing to the prevention and elimination of the causes that originate the violation of their rights. Which favors the appropriate development for them and their children.

The home bases its to form children and adolescents in an integral way, that is why we have care programs that are aimed at girls and adolescents pregnant or who are already mothers with their respective sons or daughters, sheltered at Casa Santa Isabel, victims of sexual violence, negligence or abandonment.

The service provided to children and adolescents includes help for single mothers, fathers and families, residence, food, clothing, medical, dental and nutrition service, moreover psychological, social and legal assistance, with spiritual accompaniment.

The Spiritual adoption program is provided in schools, directed mainly for secondary level students; eventually our aim is to provide sexual education for adolescents belonging to q’eqchí’ community, as well as facilitate access to health care and other services.

Casa Santa Isabel has a team of professionals who share our vision and perform the service with love towards the most vulnerable, some of them voluntarily, among them are psychologists, social workers and gynecologists who performs ultrasounds for women from the villages that belong to the parish.

In addition, Casa Santa Isabel has committed to childhood in Guatemala, providing humanitarian assistance for migrant families, children with chronic malnutrition, medical assistance and we also have a monthly feeding program for families who live and work in the municipal dump of Puerto Barrios, that to date has benefited more than 20 families.

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