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Are you ready to create change in Guatemala?

Poverty is a very serious issue in Guatemala, persisting especially in rural areas of the country. In our areas of Izabal, our communities struggle with gangs, drugs and violence. We have been working with indigenous families living in extreme poverty for many years.

These families lack even the most basic of services, such as health care, schools and job opportunities. Many children here drop out of school to work and help their families.

Our foundation has been working to create lasting change for the children and youth of these communities.

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How can you sponsor a child in need?

Create an account

By creating an account we will be able to verify your personal details and create a connection together. The account will be used to communicate any updates.

Choose a sponsorship plan

You can choose either a monthly or a yearly sponsorship plan. The donations apply for each child you sponsor.

€10 per month / €120 per year

Connect Together

We will ensure to send a photo and provide the donation for an individual child’s well-being and education. We make sure that they get to grow up healthy and get better opportunities when they become adults.

You will be able to see your impact first hand through photos from your sponsored child.

Help us help them!